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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

5 Ways to Handle the Holidays with Grace

The holidays are wrought with multiple stressors. The demand on our time makes us physically vulnerable. Emotionally we are pulled in many, many different directions. We get confused – and our spiritual goals can become challenged making us feel ungrounded and disconnected from our promises to self.

If this describes what is happening in your life, you are not alone. No matter what your responsibilities during the holiday, you will probably feel some level of stress.

What can you do to navigate the holidays with Grace?

1…Share your feelings with a friend or family member you trust.

When stressful thoughts and emotions are shared, they dissipate. When you share, you not only give a voice to your concerns which clarifies your distress, but you hear your challenges out loud – which can be invaluable. Sharing your stress also invites the receiver to share their compassion and offer you the best of what they know. This makes your recipient feel trusted and important to your well-being, and you are grateful – a winning experience for the holidays.

2…Make a list of what is expected of you.

This will help you to create a plan of action and to evaluate the importance of your responsibilities. Make the list then label the items from ‘1 to whatever’ in order of importance. Be sure to cross out (with gusto!) those expectations that are not reasonable in the time frame you have. You can also evaluate your list for those expectations that are beyond your abilities. Cross them our or ask for help completing those tasks. Reduce or distill your list down to those expectations that are absolutes to your holiday happiness then begin to do them today!

3…Find a way to accept What Is.

The holidays are marked by traditions and sometimes even family members that for one reason or another make us uncomfortable. If this is true for you, be willing to voice your discomfort but just as willing to find acceptance for What Is. If you feel unsafe in some way by all means make yourself safe, but if you just don’t like Uncle Teddy’s jokes, find a way to accept him on some level. Try to see him for who he is at Heart. If you do not like Grandma’s pineapple cake have a small slice and intend to taste the Love she put in it. Find the best of What Is in everything that unfolds during the holidays.

4…Manage feelings of loss.

Holidays bring to mind those we have lost. Sometimes the people we expect to be joining us cannot. They may have a schedule conflict – or they may not be well enough to travel to us – or they may have lost their battle with a disease – or even suffered a tragic end. Make a commitment to honor them with your words. You can light a candle and leave it burning through your meal/holiday event. You may even set a place at the table for any people Loved who cannot attend and are dearly missed. Be sure to say something because you are probably not the only family member feeling the loss and not knowing what to do with their feelings.

5…Remember this: Anticipation creates anxiety.

It is not the anticipation of the holiday event itself that creates anxiety. If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that in the moment you are safe and life is in balance. It is the anticipation of a projected dire outcome that creates anxiety. Do your best to stay in the Now taking one day (or one moment at a time) celebrating what or who is right in front of you. This could be caring co-workers, good weather, compassionate friends, a family member who understands you, a dedicated life partner, Loving children, a devoted pet – or the opportunity to take yet another breath in your lifetime on this beautiful planet!

To a Holiday filled with Loving family and friends, Good Cheer and boundless Inner Joy…Corinne

Note: If you are unable to manage your stress, please seek out the support of a trained professional.


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Written by Corinne S. Ramage, Leader in Enlightened Thought
Creator of The Spiritual Healthcare Network of online programs
Author of “Compassion Alive and Meaningful”

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Past Lives Can Radically Affect Your Present Life

This topic is of special interest to me and especially important to my clients – and I wanted to share a few thoughts with you.

Your Past Lives have a powerful impact on your well-being. Here are two ways that they can affect your life:

The first way (which most of us tend to ignore) is related to our gifts and natural abilities. Ever wonder why some people seem to be born with musical or artistic abilities? How about a knack for languages, leadership, or athletics? All of the practice time was put in during a past life!

Amazing, right?

This is not saying, of course, that hard work and practice does not reap rewards in your present life. It does. But for those who seem to have innate abilities – realize that they have put in lots of practice before being born into this life time!

Innate gifts are obvious, accepted and usually not questioned as to their origin. If you were born with a special gift, you many find it hard to accept or develop it, but you have probably not questioned its origin.

By contrast…If you seem to derail your life over and over again in the same distressing way, or if you often feel victim to unfair events – then you are more apt to be asking the universe, ‘Why does this keep happening to me?!’

If you seem to repeatedly make unproductive decisions or you keep arriving at the same destination no matter what actions you take – then there is a Past Life influence affecting your present life.

If a Past Life is negatively influencing your life today, you will be stuck in a repeating pattern of thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and/or actions.

Here are a few examples:

• Every relationship you enter into ends the same way.
• You seem to have the same boss in every job you get.
• You are plagued by a specific, illogical fear.
• You have no faith in your ability to make meaningful choices.
• You can not lose weight no matter what you do.
• Your self-image or self-worth suffers no matter what you achieve.

When outcomes repeat themselves despite your efforts to right or correct them, a Past Life is influencing that outcome.

Fortunately, this is simple to resolve!

9 times out of 10 just becoming aware of specific Past Life influences changes everything.

Imagine this…You are no longer stuck in an unconscious, repeating, destructive cycle, and begin to choose other than you have. You become kinder to yourself because you understand why you have acted as you have. Your wisdom about who you are on a Soul level grows which makes you feel more spiritually fulfilled. And besides being more comfortable in your own skin, many people report actually breathing more easily after this work!

Probably the most important gift you can give yourself is to know the Past Life that has the greatest impact on your life today. This could be a positive or a negative effect. In one instance, you would be acknowledging your gifts – and in the other, you would be acknowledging the details and the depth of your challenges.

FYI…I do Past Life Readings long distance over the telephone that are recorded and/or written up. Call me at (845) 657-8955 or email me at if you would like more information.

As opposed to Past Life regression (which is a meditative experience that is often unclear and non-specific) – I will read the most influential Past Life to your present life, and give you all of the details.

I do Past Life Readings for the purpose of resolution.
My intention is to serve the Highest Good in your life.
It would be my honor to serve your well-being in this way.

To You Living the Best Life Possible, Corinne S. Ramage

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Important Differences Between the Human Heart and the Spiritual Heart

(This blog post is an excerpt from the newly released “Compassion Alive and Meaningful”)

The Human Heart

The human Heart is conditional. It can be open or closed, Loving or withholding of Love. It can Judge some situations harshly and embrace others. It can Love some people and not others. The human Heart can Love then be subject to dishonesty or betrayal, and in a flash not Love and become conditional.

For better or worse, it is our destiny as human beings to experience all of the aspects of the human Heart. Our experiences are meant to keep us present in our life. They subject us to feelings of Bliss and also those that make us retreat in pain. This is the gift of duality! It is the knowledge of what we label ‘good’ and ‘bad’ that shows us where to travel next. We can choose to stay with our suffering and misaligned intentions – or we can choose to chase the Blissful feelings we have tasted. A third choice would be to choose to evolve through all of our experiences – those that are painful and those that are blissful.

The Spiritual Heart

When the spiritual Heart determines that Love is needed, the request is not examined for its validity. Love is freely given regardless of the circumstances. Not only is it spontaneously given, it is absolutely unconditionally given.

When the spiritual Heart gives, it does not require Gratitude or even Acceptance. To require either would make the gesture conditional and the spiritual Heart has no knowledge of agenda. It only knows to share Loving Compassion when it is awakened to the need for it. It shares its gifts unconditionally – and it does so easily and spontaneously because it is always open.

The Spiritual Seeker’s Search for Resolution

The spiritual seeker longs to be open and Loving to a fault, but still lives on Earth where the potential for Judgment and conditional Love are also options. Most seekers live in both worlds traveling blissful, as well as, uncomfortable terrain. Duality gives us both options – not to show us the error of our Earthly choices but because we need both experiences for our personal evolution on a soul level – and because we can not feel Compassionate unless we witness pain and suffering with our eyes and Heart open.

It is how we manage a challenge that determines our success not the actual choice we make – because in truth, any intention to offer Compassion to self or others is a good one.

The spiritual Heart chooses Love easily. It gives us clarity and easy passage. But in our Earthly lives, we do not always choose Love when challenged. Sometimes we choose to Judge and travel in darkness – always for the sake of evolution.

As spiritual seekers, if we do not consciously choose our direction, we will be led to a place where we will see the gift in our choices. We will not feel victimized because our Trust will be deep and wide.

Wherever we journey, however we get there, we know we are traveling exactly where we need to go to fulfill our personal goals.

This is something the spiritual seeker must understand to feel fulfilled:

We can not choose incorrectly. We are always being guided to exactly where we need to go and to exactly what we need to see to evolve. This happens because it is what we declared when we decided to evolve spiritually. It is important that we allow ourselves to be present in whatever unfolds in our lives, and to ask truthfully and without Judgment, the quintessential question – “Why am I here?”

If we lack Self-Compassion, we will probably find this difficult to do.

It is Self-Compassion that motivates us to see beyond the choices that derail us without derision – and to choose a new direction.

If we can feel Self-Compassion no matter what configures in our own personal lives, we can make it the motivation for The Answer.

This article is an excerpt from my just released book called “Compassion Alive and Meaningful” available at TheWellnessBookshop

Please reproduce and share this article, but be respectful and include the details below:

Written by Corinne S. Ramage, Leader in True Wellness® Studies
Creator of The Spiritual Healthcare Network of online programs
Author of “Compassion Alive and Meaningful”